Claybricks and Facades

hansonHanson Heidelberg Cement Group

Manufacturer of clay pavers, face bricks, cobbles, veneer & other clay bricks products. Approved by Ashghal, Cultural Village, Pearl Qatar, Industrial area interchange.




Rubio Natural Stone

Because of its texture, RUBIO has been used extensively in a variety of building works and restoration. It comes with various types of finishes including rough-sawn and bush-hammered finish and it is suitable for both exterior work and interior decoration.

InmarInmar Stone Group

35 years of experience in the treatment and preparation of CENIA STONE, both in implementing new projects and for restoration and rehabilitation of buildings and architectural complexes, such as the restoration of the PRADO MUSEUM in Madrid, Hawaii SHERATON, MAUI SHOPPING CENTER AND ZOCO in Lebanon.

moratonasMamoles Moratonas

A leader in the natural stone sector with an extensive experience of more than 3 generations. they extract blocks from their our own quarries, transform and process it directly at their own facilities. most of their production is for export.




Art Porfidi

The company specializes in the various production processes of porphyry. The porphyry stone originating from ignimbrites, is a consequence of the intense volcanic activity. The layering porphyry is the only stone with natural quarry face.




leipzigerLeipziger Leuchten

Compact solutions in technical and architectural lightings.


novatekNovatek sas

NOVATEK Illumination is specialized on customized lighting projects for events and festivals starting from an idea and develop the whole project till installation.




MK Illumination

MK Illumination has earned a worldwide reputation for being exceptional creators and suppliers of conceptual festive lighting for all occasions.



Ecological road lighting system that can be utilized to generate electricity from its solar and wind system imbedded in it to feed government power grid during peak hours of the day. Raywaver offers no sound pollution nor pollutes the city skyline. it is made to look like a tulip and works silently and has a 20 years renewable warranty.


Tensile Structure




Spanish and European leaders in tensile structures. the company is capable of taking small jobs to the biggest stadiums such as the nice arena in France, the expo in Xaragoza-Spain and Barajas airport at Madrid-Spain.


Thermosetting Synthetic


Manufacturer of industrial flooring, ship decks, sports flooring and wearing courses in road construction, commercial and industrial buildings using high quality synthetic materials.