Interior Decoration





Through design and illumination, a SCHONBEK® chandelier embellishes the motifs of any room enhancing its personality. Frame finishes, each an original design, are hand worked by craftsmen to create subtle hues and textures through complex layering and hand rubbing.




Thanks to its diverse range of lights and lighting solutions, each one boasting a variety of different effects, Swarovski luminaires and lighting systems are well suited to the implementation of more unconventional ideas. They can be adapted to meet all your room’s requirements and stylistic visions, and also lend even the most unusual concepts a touch of crystalline elegance.




Magna Furniture

MAGNA is a leading manufacturer of interior furnishing and has over the years becoming a point of reference for those who are seek comfort, and top quality. During the firm’s twenty years of production experiences, it has chosen a blend of tradition and innovation, emphasizing the aesthetic aspects of the models, the craftsmanship applied and the selection of the finest materials.





CAMATIC is the first company in Australia to manufacture commercial and venues seating from design concept right through to finished product in a single location. Camatic has developed a national reputation for innovative design and manufacturing excellence. Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s new designs and seating concepts were successfully introduced into the office, theatre and stadium markets, resulting in the company becoming the largest manufacturer of theatre and stadium seats in Australia.




The VDL Groep’s expertise in working with metals and plastics turned out to be an excellent combination for the manufacture of stadium seats. Bas van der Leegte (Director of VDL Lasindustrie) and his brother Tommie van der Leegte (former professional football player and now sales representative at VDL Lasindustrie) visited various football clubs to establish a programme of requirements. This information was used for development of the new line of seats, which have been well received in the market.



de_maderaIMA Group

The Spanish leader in wooden floorings with an annual production capacity of 1.2 million meters squared. The product is of extremely high quality and durability. It has a very unique patented surface coating that makes it scratch proof and virtually wear proof.



Marmoles Moratonas

A leader in the natural stone sector with an extensive experience of more than 3 generations. they extract blocks from their our own quarries, transform and process it directly at their own facilities. most of their production is for export.



Art Porfidi

The company specializes in the various production processes of porphyry. The porphyry stone originating from ignimbrites, is a consequence of the intense volcanic activity. The layering porphyry is the only stone with natural quarry face.


InmarInmar Stone Group

35 years of experience in the treatment and preparation of CENIA STONE, both in implementing new projects and for restoration and rehabilitation of buildings and architectural complexes, such as the restoration of the PRADO MUSEUM in Madrid, Hawaii SHERATON, MAUI SHOPPING CENTER AND ZOCO in Lebanon.



Rubio Natural Stone

FLORESTA stone is a compact white-grey coloured small-grained sandstone. It comes with various types of finishes including rough-sawn and bushhammered finish and it is suitable for both exterior work and interior decoration. ALCAÑIZ stone is a compact medium-size tan-coloured grained sandstone.




Manufacturer of industrial flooring, ship decks, sports flooring and wearing courses in road construction, commercial and industrial buildings using high quality synthetic materials.


Acoustic Wood Panels


Troldtekt is an extensively tested Danish product which has undergone continuous development and been used in the construction industry for more than 75 years. Troldtekt consists of spruce shredded into long, thin shavings – wood wool – which is then mixed with cement. The structure of the material offers exceptional sound-absorbing properties, which helps to reduce noise and create good acoustics in every room.