Drainage Cells and Surface Drainage



Hauraton offers innovative solutions for surface drainage requirements through production of versatile & high quality drainage product range for all requirements for road construction & industrial applications, gardening & landscaping. water treatment & seepage and sports facility.





High quality and unique solutions using geotextiles. tencate has developed several unique solutions for bridge wall revetments and sea wall shoring using patented technologies. besides that, the company has a huge range of filtration products and geogrid that assists road construction over unstable plastic ground.


Manhole Covers



NIF UK provides a comprehensive range of Grey and Ductile Iron Kite marked and non-Kite marked manholes and gratings, linear drainage gratings and bespoke Steel access covers. NIF UK is able to manufacture to the most demanding of bespoke requirements and can offer solutions to any of your building material component requirements in STEEL, CAST, COMPOSITES(DMC OR SMC) AND PLASTIC.


Road Marking and Traffic Safety



GEVEKO is Europe’s leading road marking company with several unique and patented products. PREMARK® PLASTIROUTE® LED-MARK® DECOMARK® AQUAROUTE® HSROUTE® TACPAD® TACGUIDE® THERMAPLAST®




Founded in 1950 as a business unit of Swarovski SWAREFLEX is one of the leading providers of functional lighting products and solutions. The portfolio of products and solutions is constantly being expanded. Today, in addition to the established traffic safety systems, SWAREFLEX offers intelligent road safety systems based on LEDs, lighting solutions for industrial facilities, traffic zones, hotels and shops as well as precision lenses.


Street Lighting



PMF is manufacturer of steel poles and columns for street lighting, traffic signalling, road signing, camera observation systems and overhead catenary systems. Next to the finished pole products, PMF also produce steel conical tubes (seamless drawn) as half fabricate and special tubes with the custom-made and required shapes.




Ecological road lighting system that can be utilized to generate electricity from its solar and wind system imbedded in it to feed government power grid during peak hours of the day. Raywaver offers no sound pollution nor pollutes the city skyline. It is made to look like a tulip and works silently and has a 20 years renewable warranty.




SETGA is a successful and innovative international company with high technological value. By adding design, lighting technology and electronics to their expertise with public infrastructures, SETGA is able to offer efficiency and intelligence in all our solutions. SETGA range for outdoor lighting, energy efficiency and street furniture.




FU TAO main products: high & medium mast lighting, road lighting, power poles, sight lamps, courtyard lamps, lawn lamps, traffic signal poles, monitor poles, microwave communication poles. Annual production capacity of 10,000 tons, manufacturing process has been ISO9001 certified and it has been honoured with the title of the AAA grade certificate of goodwill.


Thermosetting Synthetic



Manufacturer of industrial flooring, ship decks, sports flooring and wearing courses in road construction, commercial and industrial buildings using high quality synthetic materials.


Structural Bridge and Anti-Vibration Bearings



REISNER & WOLFF runs a factory at Wels on a 10.000 m² estate with connection to railway and highway, very near to the ÖBB-Container Terminal. Approximately 45 employees, 10 of them engineers, exclusively work in development, design, assembling and installation of bridge bearings and expansion joints for civil structures. A complex Quality Assurance System – certified according to ISO 9001 since 1995 – in cooperation with the material testing institute of the Universities Stuttgart and Munich – offers a maximum of working life and safety in use to the customers.



SK BEARINGS designs, manufactures and test structural, bridge and anti-vibration bearings to prevent structural cracking and extend the life expectancy of the bridge or building. Their antivibration bearings allow sites to be developed above or close-by rail lines.